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    When a Business Relationship Matters…Send a Card

    Stand out from your competition, get noticed and be remembered. A REAL business greeting card received in your clients’ mailbox will not be ignored.
    Our service is not Internet based, we're the REAL DEAL! We turn business greeting cards into actual customer loyalty mailing programs. We mail all types of cards to your clients, prospects, and referral sources with your custom message and personal hand-signed signature inside.

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We Are the Epitome of Laughter, Integrity, and Commitment

Jodi Riolo & Sandie Marinoble

Business Greeting Card Programs
for the Professional!

Client Retention creates cards exclusively for businesses of all entities. Solving the “follow up” problem, our cards are used and designed to consistently help you stay connected to your customers, clients, prospects, referral sources, and sphere of influence after the sale.

We operate on a simple premise. It takes longer and costs more to win a customer back than it does to keep them once they’re yours.

Client Retention makes it happen.
It gets done.
We do it for you.

Our Programs

We turn business greeting cards into actual mailing programs that are mailed to your clients on-time, every time.

Program Types

  • Thank You/Customer Appreciation
  • Birthday
  • Holiday
  • Employee Recognition
  • Cards on Demand
  • Quarterly Card Mailing Programs

How it Works

Here’s what you do

  • Choose a card from our card catalog
  • Use one of our verses or create your own
  • Provide a confidential client list

Here’s what we do

  • Create a card proof that requires your approval
  • We print your custom contact information — up to 5 lines (name, business name, telephone #, email address, website address)
  • We hand-sign each and every card. (Yes, you read that correctly!)
  • We insert your business card and/or gift card (optional)
  • We mail for you in a colored envelope — NO labels
  • We attach a commemorative stamp — NO bulk mail

Just think, a follow-up program that is completely maintained and tracked for you!

Create Raving Fans

Gratitude builds loyalty and keeps customers coming back.

  • Feeling “neglected and unappreciated” is the #1 reason businesses lose their customers.
  • Loyal customers spend 68% more than a new customer does.
  • Losing valued customers to the competition can cost up to 9 times more to earn their business back.

We Are the Connection to your Retention!

Recognize the bottom line results that come from your customer base.

Business is out of balance when more time is spent on trying to get new customers, than building solid relationships with your existing loyal customers. 

We’ll help you stay connected to your customers on a regular basis and help you build customer loyalty and retention.

An Effective Follow Up Strategy

Lots of competition, so stand out! It’s all about the Follow Up. Our greeting cards are unique, memorable and worthy of building loyalty, retaining customers and receiving referrals!

Greeting Card Programs / Services

  • Thank You
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Birthday
  • Holiday
  • Cards on Demand
  • All Occasion
  • And lots more!

About our Cards

  • 5″ x 7” cards with colored envelopes
  • Custom verbiage
  • Your contact information – up to 5 lines
  • Every card is personally hand-signed
  • Your business card inserted (optional)
  • Gift cards inserted (optional)
  • Commemorative stamps
  • No labels and no bulk mail