About Client Retention

Client Retention in operation since 2008, is a privately owned company located in Northern California. Both Sandie and Jodi are known for their positive attitudes, forward thinking and high energy. Most of all both have a unique laughter, which directly has contributed to their success.

They are committed to helping businesses of all types retain their customers by operating on a simple premise. “It’s a lot harder and more costly to win a customer back, than it is to keep them once they’re yours.” 

Sandie has a diverse career background in human resources, banking, construction and telecommunications, through which she developed expertise in both long-range planning and business organization. Sandie thrives on challenging problems and works to solve them with creativity, ingenuity and expertise unsurpassed by any other standards. 

Sandie also lends her incredible customer-service skills to everything she does. This quality has become deeply engrained and made her an outstanding example of what it means to truly serve one’s clientele. Working in the family restaurant business from an early age, she learned from her father that how you treat your customers will not only determine how much money you make, but how you feel at the end of the day.

This mindset, combined with her deep desire to add a personal touch in the world of business, makes Sandie the perfect resource for professionals who know the value of keeping in touch with their clients.

Sandie Marinoble

Sandie Marinoble, a 35-year veteran
in the field of customer service
and client retention.

Jodi Riolo

Jodi Riolo brings more than 30 years of
experience in customer service and
marketing to Client Retention.

Her career as a highly successful supervisor, manager and trainer in the telecommunications and cable TV industry uniquely qualifies Jodi to help businesses understand the importance, value and benefit of retaining clients in a competitive market.

Jodi also possesses a strong technical background. She was instrumental in the successful launch of a voice-mail product in 1992 and a long-distance company in 1997. In the context of her work, Jodi has also produced a wide variety of brochures, booklets and glossaries.

Jodi was known in the corporate world for her enthusiasm and ability to approach challenges with a positive attitude. She brings this quality to Client Retention, enhancing her commitment to help clients not only keep their customers, but increase their satisfaction, retain employees, and grow business through referrals. In combination with Jodi’s highly professional communication with all clients, she possesses a passionate belief that businesses and entrepreneurs who stay consistently connected to their customers and clients will be the ones that thrive.