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What has happened to our manners? Business Thank You Cards never go out of style.

Businesses lose customers and clients every day - some will just quietly go away because they think their business doesn't matter to you. Have you reviewed your contact list for repeat customers and those who refer you business? As simple ...
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Surprise your clients and send them a Birthday Card by mail

Birthday cards for business - Recognize your favorite clients and employees with a Birthday Greeting Card in their mailbox. When you mail a birthday card it has a much different and very personal effect on people, and a personal connection ...
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Send Business Thanksgiving Greeting Cards for less than you think

Business Thanksgiving Card Special Pricing Now is the time to order business greeting cards to send to your clients and associates. By ordering now, you can save twenty percent off our regular price for greeting cards customized and mailed for ...
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Are you looking for client appreciation ideas?

Build a personal connection by sending your clients a professional greeting card in the mail. Yes, you read that right SNAIL MAIL. Get outside the box, get noticed and be remembered. Our goal is to get greeting cards in the ...
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Are you looking for a client follow-up tool to get noticed?

It is so much easier to follow-up with clients when you have cards on hand and ready to send. Save with special pricing on our Card of the month! Every month we feature one of our fun and unique greeting ...
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Business Birthday Cards – We Mail Them For You

Recognize a special employee or client with a professional business birthday card. A simple greeting card in the mail can be highly effective for client retention. Your client is sure to remember that you remembered their birthday. We make the ...
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Send a July 4th Business Greeting Card: Deadline May 21

Get 20% off our regular pricing when you order by May 21, 2018. It's time to get your SNAIL MAIL client mailing list ready so we can mail your July 4th business greeting cards for you! Show your clients you ...
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Customer Relationships Hole In One ~ Greeting Card Monthly Special

Take exceptional care of your clients by following up regularly and staying connected. Send them a real card in the mail! It's as great as a "Hole in One!" when they say, "Thanks for the card!" Following up, connecting and consistently keeping the communication going, are all key ...
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Will your clients remember you?

A quality greeting card, professionally printed with your personal message or brand is an effective way to solidify business relationships and help your clients remember you. Hire Client Retention to send a client appreciation card or to recognize a birthday in an ...
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New Years Greeting Card of the Month

No time to send a New Years Card? Purchase "Sparkles" from our greeting card catalog and mail it yourself. Blank Card  -  $1.00 Verse Only  -  $1.25 Verse w/custom signature  -  $1.50 OR If you can't get the cards done and the ...
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Jodi Riolo & Sandie Marinoble

We look forward to helping you enhance your communications, strengthen your follow up, and build long-lasting relationships with your network.