Bullies In The Workplace – Client Retention suggestions

Here at Client Retention, we have years of customer service and management experience. Here is our perspective... What determines a bully? Bullies purposely try to make people feel uncomfortable OR purposely put people down. Some also have a habit of ...
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Is Cell Phone Abuse Creeping into Your Workplace?

Cell phones and smart phones are here to stay and we love them! The convenience of making or receiving a call at any time, any place (well, almost), far outweighs the negatives about cell phones and smart phones. So how can ...
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Turn The Beat Around: Music In The Workplace

Ever notice all the music around you? It's played in grocery stores, restaurants, elevators, doctors' offices, nail salons, car dealerships, gas stations (yes, while you are pumping gas), business offices and even the parking lots! Is music in the workplace appropriate? You ...
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Rules In The Workplace – Client Retention talks Music

If you choose to have music in your place of business, set some rules in the workplace: If employees are seated in an open area, no music at their desks. This is about as popular as gum snapping. Music in the office ...
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You owe it to your customers to only hire happy people

The job interview process can be a bit like hopping on the merry-go-round at the park. Businesses ask, "do you have experience?" And of course, our thoughts were "how do we get experience if no one will hire us?" Can't they see ...
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Customer Loyalty… Don't let it go or it will be GONE!

Many businesses don't take the time to get to know their customers.  Companies run them through like a bunch of cattle and then wonder why they don't come back. As a business owner it is your responsibility to build customer loyalty ...
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Laughter At Work is the #1 Rule in Customer Service

Laughter breeds a positive work environment and improves customer service. There are many rules and guidelines about appropriate communication with customers. Our vote is that laughter is the #1 rule which most improves customer service.  In fact, laughter at work and ...
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