Business Referral Thank You Cards Are Always In Style

Business Referral Thank You Cards Are Always In Style

Customer referrals can be the key to your survival as a business. 

When customers are familiar with your business and reputation, they can be your biggest cheerleaders. If you want to receive more customer referrals, it is time to increase your investment in marketing to your current customers. 

Treat your current customers with gratitude and appreciation.

It can start with something as basic as sending thank you cards to your customers 2-3 times per year. How often you stay in touch with your client base can vary depending on your product or service. Be conscious of over-selling. You want the communication focus on them, and how much you appreciate their business. Client appreciation never goes out of style – contact Jodi or Sandie to get your thank you card program started today!

Think about what you stand to lose when a customer moves on. 

Most surveys across industries show that keeping one existing customer is five to seven times more profitable than attracting one new one. If your customers tell their friends about your extraordinary service, thank them again – they are helping your business grow with the most effective form of advertising around – word of mouth.

Business Thank You Cards for Referral Business

As simple as it is, sending a thank you card is still a great way to remind your customers and clients that you really do care about their business. In addition to our greeting card “mailed for you” programs, you can also choose to order greeting cards with customized verbiage and send them yourself. This allows you to respond quickly after you have received a referral – or just landed a new customer.

“What comes into 

play is how much is a client worth to a company? You can’t look at a client as a one-time sale, you have to look at the client over a lifetime” Sandie Marinoble said. “That is the reason Client Retention was formed. We like to help companies and professionals keep in touch with their clients on a regular basis in a very personalized manner. This helps to increase client loyalty and generates repeat and referral business.”

We have a large selection of greeting cards and verses. Here are some referral thank you card ideas to get you started:

Nowadays with electronic media, it might seem easier to send an email or electronic message. Going the extra mile of sending a thank you card helps you stand out among the highly automated mailings from large corporations. Don’t you get a “feel good” rush when you receive a greeting card in your mailbox? Client Retention cards also stand out from the other mail because they are always sent in brightly colored envelopes. Your greeting card has a 99% chance of being opened!

In this high-tech world of social media, Client Retention Greeting Card Programs address the need for a personal touch in what would otherwise be cookie-cutter correspondence.

Don’t let your manners slip in this day and age of instant communication. Spend a little time taking care of your current customers because want to feel appreciated and can leave you for your competition without any warning.

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Would you like to learn more about our greeting card programs? Email Jodi and Sandie to see how easy it is to send referrals a thank you card.

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