What has happened to our manners? Business Thank You Cards never go out of style.

Businesses lose customers and clients every day – some will just quietly go away because they think their business doesn’t matter to you.  Have you reviewed your contact list for repeat customers and those who refer you business?

As simple as it is, sending a thank you card is still a great way to remind your customers and clients that you really do care about their business.

Before the internet and electronic greetings, it was customary and considered good manners to send a thank you card when you received a gift, even if you personally said thank you at the time you received it.  Going the extra mile of writing a thank you card and mailing it solidified your appreciation and those impeccable manners.  Don’t forget what a good feeling you had when you dropped that card in the mailbox!

Manners have slipped in this day and age of instant communication.  Maybe we’re just a little too busy or maybe we just don’t see the value? Whatever the reason, we need to get back to basics, because our customers want to feel appreciated.

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Building customer loyalty and sending a thank you for referrals can be the key to your reputation and your survival as a business. 

It can start with something as basic as sending thank you cards to your customers.  After all, your existing customers are your biggest cheerleaders, your sales force, your repeat customers, your referral source and your revenue builders! Why wouldn’t you treat them with gratitude and appreciation?

Think about what you stand to lose when a customer moves on.  Keeping existing customers happy is a lot easier than finding new customers. If your customers tell their friends about your extraordinary service, thank them again – they are helping your business grow with the most effective form of advertising around – word of mouth.

Customer follow up  is mandatory.  You can show you care with a fun or light-hearted thank you cards 3-4 times a year!

Jodi Riolo