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May 4

Is Cell Phone Abuse Creeping into Your Workplace?

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Cell Phone Abuse at WorkCell phones and smart phones are here to stay and we love them!

The convenience of making or receiving a call at any time, any place (well, almost), far outweighs the negatives about cell phones and smart phones.

So how can a cell phone possibly be troublesome in the workplace? What exactly is the growing concern?

Perhaps this inexcusable scenario may sound familiar to you: MORE

Apr 7

Turn The Beat Around: Music In The Workplace

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music in the workplaceEver notice all the music around you?

It’s played in grocery stores, restaurants, elevators, doctors’ offices, nail salons, car dealerships, gas stations (yes, while you are pumping gas), business offices and even the parking lots!

Is music in the workplace appropriate? You bet it is.

Does music boost employee morale? Yes to that one too.

Music plays a positive role in most of our lives personally and professionally.

Music acts as an important component in building a customer service culture in the workplace. MORE

Mar 3

You owe it to your customers to only hire happy people

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hire happy peopleThe job interview process can be a bit like hopping on the merry-go-round at the park. Businesses ask, “do you have experience?” And of course, our thoughts were “how do we get experience if no one will hire us?” Can’t they see we are trainable and happy people?

If you are looking to fill any position within your organization, you owe it to yourself, your existing employees and most importantly to your customers, to hire happy people.


Jan 4

Laughter At Work is the #1 Rule in Customer Service

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#1 rule in customer service

Laughter breeds a positive work environment and improves customer service.

There are many rules and guidelines about appropriate communication with customers. Our vote is that laughter is the #1 rule which most improves customer service.  In fact, laughter at work and a positive attitude go hand in hand.

Without these two qualities, the workplace is not only boring, you could actually lose employees and customers! Really, who wants to work everyday or do business with a grump? Grumpy and stress are close relatives.

So send a fun or quirky personal greeting card to your clients, and spread some positivity!

A recent survey said 90% of Americans live in a constant state of stress. YIKES, no wonder customers are treated poorly.  A positive attitude and smiling is a huge leap on reducing that stress and improves customer service. Add a little fun and laughter and you will feel and see the difference. MORE