Employee Appreciation Greeting Cards

Employee Appreciation Greeting Cards

Employees are the heart and soul of your business, make sure they know they are appreciated!

When Employees are appreciated, your business is more successful. Positive recognition also creates increased motivation and productivity. When they find a brightly colored envelope in their mailbox it will not be ignored. After they open their card, they will not forget how your appreciation message made them feel.

The 2 most powerful words in business: Thank You

Thank your employees often! Don’t wait until Employee Appreciation Week to send a refreshing ‘You are Appreciated” greeting card. Every business owner should consistently communicate their appreciation to retain their best employees. As simple as it sounds, a thank you card from the boss can have a huge impact on employee morale.

Our Employee Recognition Greeting Card Program can be customized for your business and is an additional tool for your to use as part of your employee retention strategy. If your employees become emotionally disconnected, their performance will decline. By continually building trust and transparency with your communication you show that you consider them an important part of the team and you value their contributions.

What makes our Greeting Card Programs different?

  1. Our cards are large (5×7)
  2. Printed on high quality card stock.
  3. Addresses are printed directly on the envelope
  4. We hand-sign cards for you
  5. Your business information is added – not ours
  6. Brightly colored envelope stands out in the mail.

Once you pick your card design and customize the greeting, we take care of addressing, stuffing and mailing your cards. We recommend mailing the cards to your employee’s home – it will feel much more personal. We offer a large variety of cards to choose from and you can customize the message for a totally unique card that reflects your personality. Each business has different needs, here are some elements of our mailing program:

— Send 3 cards over a 1 year period

— Each card has a unique message

— This is a great opportunity to give a gift card (we will insert into the envelope)

— Once we have your employee list we keep it strictly confidential

— Cards can be adapted for any industry

Fun and quirky cards can be sent all year round. If you are looking to express employee appreciation outside of typical holidays, we have lots of greeting card ideas!

  1. Groundhog Day
  2. St. Patrick’s Day
  3. 4th of July
  4. Birthdays
  5. Work Anniversary
  6. Team-Building
  7. Congratulations of special project contributions

Our price includes a brightly colored envelope and is hand stamped with the address printed directly on the envelope. Your employees will never know you didn’t send it yourself….unless you tell them! #realestate #brokers #insurance #sales #rewardemployees #thankyoucards

Contact Jodi and ask for a sample card so you can see for yourself the unique qualities of our greeting cards.

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