10 Way To Improve Your Customer’s Service Experience

Improve your customer service experience to keep your customers engaged.

Customer retention is more profitable than customer acquisition. Customers and suppliers are the backbone of your business. Do not take for granted the potential of all your business relationships. It takes 12 positive customer experiences to negate one poor impression or unresolved bad experience. Repeat customers are your revenue builders!

In today’s climate it is more important than ever for e-commerce retailers to constantly improve their customer service in an online, sometimes impersonal world. When you send a greeting card to check in or say thank you, you can establish a human connection behind your website.

Excellent customer service does not have to cost a great deal.

Greeting card programs are budget-friendly – prices start for less than $3/customer – and we do all the work! Our high quality greeting cards are a large 5×7 size when folded and come with a brightly colored envelope. The best part – you don’t have to go out of your way to buy them! You can just visit our card shop!

Contact us if you have a special promotion in mind. We can insert gift cards in your envelopes for an extra special greeting.

How do you retain existing customers? Keep them engaged!

You want every part of your business to reflect a customer-first attitude. From the first interaction, whether in-person, online or over the phone, make sure everyone in your business is communicating your brand consistently. Exceptional customer service skills are directly attributable to customer retention.

• Your employee’s attitude, collaboration and fresh ideas make a difference. Customers want to do business with someone who genuinely loves what they do

• Hold ongoing customer service training about policies and expectations. 

• Do what you say you are going to do, in a timely manner

• Never take your customers for granted, Reward them with generosity – something that exceeds their expectations

• Thank your customers every chance you get! Give them your full attention when you are serving them – save the multi-tasking for later.

• Don’t speak negatively about anyone in front of a customer that you wouldn’t say for the entire universe to hear.

• Stay in touch and encourage interaction (social media) , make it easy for them to reach you.

• Survey your customers and respond to their concerns, ask them what you could do differently

• Take ownership of your customer’s problem, problem solve

• Follow up with a courtesy call for every customer who was upset or had a difficult problem

Long sales cycle? Stay in touch with a greeting card reminder.

If you are in real estate or insurance where the product life cycle is much longer, so staying in touch with the customers that refer you new business is a very important strategy. Keeping prospects engaged will keep you top of mind when they are ready to make a move or upgrade their service. We offer highly customized greeting card programs so you can craft your message to truly match your audience. 

See the quality for yourself! Contact us for a sample card!

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