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  1. Do you really know if they are getting your emails?
  2. Do previous clients not return your phone calls?
  3. Do you stay in touch with those who refer business to you?

The typical real estate agent receives upward of 30% of their business from repeat clients or referrals.*

There are many ways to stay in touch, and everyone communicates differently. Do emails in your inbox get ignored or overlooked? Then you can bet this is an issue for your clients and prospects. Our real estate clients tell us that 80% of their business is generated after at least 5 follow ups – and since buying a home is a big decision, it can take a few months for a prospect to decide they are ready to proceed. You want to make sure your message is reaching your prospect.

Do you have a follow-up marketing plan?

If you are looking for real estate lead generation ideas, look no further than your own sphere list. This is more reliable than any list you can purchase. When you are active in generating leads for your list, you have more potential to close a sale. It is important to collect mailing addresses as well as emails, and to make notes that help you remember where you met and highlights about your conversations. Divide your sphere list into categories:

• Prospects you meet at a networking event

• Past and current clients who may be able to refer you to a friend or leave you a review

• Reward sources of real estate referrals, warm leads are the most valuable!

Mail a greeting card in a brightly colored envelope to stand out in their mailbox.

Recognize and thank your clients often – any time of year! We handle the mailing process, but your client will never know.

  • — Thank you cards
  • — Home Buying Anniversary cards
  • — Keep In Touch cards
  • — Cards that gently ask for referrals or reviews

June is the most popular month for home sales, stay top of mind by sending a greeting card in April or May. Other forms of follow up will be more successful if you make a personal connection with a quirky or humorous greeting card. Remember, your past clients will always remember how you made them feel, so show them some attention.

Are you looking for real estate marketing ideas? Add a personal touch to your current marketing plan.

We help real estate agents and brokers all over the United States with our greeting card mailing service. Our greeting card follow up program is a personal way to stay in touch with past clients and referral sources without being lost in a sea of emails. Once setup is complete it is easy to stay connected.

  • Choose a card and verse appropriate to your audience
  • Send us your mailing list (we keep it strictly confidential)
  • We send you a proof of the card and message to approve

Once approved, we print your personalized cards and the envelopes (no labels), hand-sign, hand-stamp, insert them into a brightly colored envelope, and deliver them to the post office. We will never advertise to your list and our service is invisible to your contacts. They will never know we sent the card unless you tell them!

There are a lot of choices for follow-up programs in the real estate industry. Postcard mailers arrive in mailboxes every day – but are they generating sales?

Just because everyone else is doing it does not mean the program is successful. Besides, you want to stand out from your competition. A friendly hello or thank you card in their mailbox will make your clients and prospects feel appreciated. Most of them already know what you do, it is your job to make a personal connection so they want to work with you. Our customers have told us time and time again – when they send a greeting card in the mail, their clients pick up the phone when they call.

“Working with Jodi Riolo and Client Retention has truly been remarkable. My name is Michelle Houston and I am a real estate agent for Remax Gold. Over the years it has always been challenging to keep in touch with my clients. I was inconsistent with my marketing until I met Jodi. Not only her great professionalism about the product, Jodi’s personal service is above and beyond, customizing a plan that works great for myself and clientele. Working with Client Retention takes away the worry about consistent contact, saves me time and finally my clients love the product. I would highly recommend working with Jodi Riolo and Client Retention. It is a wonderful experience.”

*Source:, additional facts:

  1. Around 69% of recent home sellers surveyed said that they would gladly write a review for their real estate agent if requested.
  2. June is, on average, the month when homes sell the fastest in the U.S.

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