Personalized client greeting card programs for your business.

Send personalized client greeting cards in the mail to get their attention.

Stand out and stay top of mind.

Our greeting card programs are the most cost effective way to stay in front of your clients. You have a business oppportunity to keep your customers happy and loyal by sending a card “just because”. You can attract more fans by not being hyper-focused on making a sale.

Pro Tip: Don’t make a sales pitch at every point of contact. When sending a greeting card, utilize humor and gratefulness. Your name and business will be clearly visible in the printed salutation. The rest of the card should focus on your customer.

Choose any holiday to send a Client Thank You greeting card.

Leave the sales pitch at the door.

Sending your clients an unexpected card in the mail to just say “hello” or “thank you” can be a successful marketing strategy to keep customers coming back. The intended recipient will feel special when they find an unexpected greeting in their mailbox, especially if there is no sales pitch. Client Retention greeting card mailing services can add a personal touch without a lot of cost or effort on your part.

Here are some pointers when you want to stand out with a personalized business greeting card for your customers:

  1. Keep it professional
    It is ok to be funny and quirky, but keep your message suitable for your business.
  2. Be creative with the message
    Go the extra mile and have a message that shows creativity and passion. This is your chance to brand your business personality and stay top of mind.
  3. Go crazy with the packaging
    When you send greeting cards with Client Retention, your greeting stand out in the automated mail pile. Every card we send arrives in a brightly-colored envelope and an official commemorative stamp from the U.S. Post Office, and we never use labels!

A card in the mail is still more valuable than a mere e-card or tweet.

Business owners can’t underestimate the power of sending corporate greeting cards to their customers.

Client Retention will help you convey a personalized message matched with a high-quality 5×7 professionally printed greeting card. We handle your client mailing list and your other business information in the strictest of confidence. We will not sell your contact info – or sell to anyone on your mailing list. We also do not advertise our name anywhere on the card or envelope – we want your customer to think the card is coming directly from you.

How much does it cost to mail a greeting card?

The cost of a stamp and our service fee is included your price quote. Our cards use one postage stamp – we never use bulk mail, and addresses are printed directly on the envelope for professionalism.

What exactly do you do on our end?

Once a client sends over their contact mailing list, we enter your contacts in a secure, confidential database. A proof of your card will be sent for you to approve your order, then your custom greeting card order is placed with your special message printed on the inside as well as your business name, website, phone number and email address.

Once printing is complete, we personally hand-sign your name inside the card — with your permission of course! The hand-signature in blue ink really gives a personal touch that makes the recipient feel very special.

Your greeting cards are then placed in brightly colored envelopes, and we can insert a gift card or your business card if you supply them. After the envelopes are hand-stamped we deliver them directly to the post office for delivery through the mail.

We are happy to answer any questions, please contact us below. You can also order a free sample card to see the quality for yourself.

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