Thank You Card / Customer Appreciation

Thank You. Two words your clients want to hear, but they aren’t said enough. Recognize and thank your clients often. Impress them with a REAL business greeting card and enjoy a 99% open rate because personal communication wins out every time.

Feeling neglected and unappreciated is the #1 reason businesses lose their customers. Appreciate your customers? Show them you care. Provide us with your confidential mailing list and we’ll do the rest.

Birthday/ Holiday

Want to send your clients a birthday card but the tracking and implementation process is just too overwhelming? Your clients will be impressed that you remembered THEIR special day because we will remember the date for you! We will take care of the entire process.​

Set yourself apart from all the e-holiday cards that quickly get deleted in your email box.

Your clients will receive your card on time, every time. Check out all the popular and unique holiday card types we offer. Want to stand out from the competition? Send a Groundhogs Day card.

Follow Up/Anytime Occasion

No time to make a “Thank you for your business” call? Perhaps you made a sale but lost future business because there was no follow up? How about an automatic follow-up plan that sends a quarterly business greeting card to your clients?

It’s difficult to stay in touch after the sale, so we’ll do that for you. We make it easy to build customer loyalty, enjoy repeat business and gain referrals. Remember your clients with a business greeting card and they will remember you! It’s that simple.