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Mar 18

Using Business Greeting Cards for Your Customer Retention Strategies

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A crucial part of any business is gaining clients and retaining them.

Why is customer retention important? Because approximately 20% of your current customers will contribute 80% of your future revenue. MORE

Dec 17

Personalized Greeting Cards for Customers: The Essentials

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Even in this day and age of social media and e-cards, nothing can equal the warm fuzzies brought on by the sight of personalized greeting cards in the mailbox.

As such, the effort from business owners to send their customers a “Happy Holidays” card can go a long way. writer Drew Hendricks offers a few reminders on this gesture, including:

Nov 16

Snail-mail Greeting Cards are a very effective way to Retain Clients

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Marketing and advertising are essential to getting clients. After acquiring clients, you work hard to provide quality products and give excellent service.

But after everything is said and done, what do you do to keep them coming back? There is a highly effective way to maintain loyalty and retain clients: send them an actual envelope-sealed greeting card.

Oct 22

Business Greeting Cards for the Holidays: Have You Ordered Yours Yet?

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As soon as summer fades, businesses everywhere start planning for sales promotions that they hope will attract more customers to their websites and increase sales during the holidays. As a business owner with long term goals, it is the perfect opportunity to deepen customer relationships.

One of the best ways to strengthen the relationship with your customers is to send business greeting cards for the holidays. Leaving out the sales pitch is highly recommended – and that is the perfect opportunity to choose a fun or quirky card that truly represents your business personality. Sending your cards out before the rush of December is also more likely to be appreciated.

Sep 4

We Tackled Our Worst Fear; Cold Calls

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This is an unusual post from Client Retention and our business greeting card business.  However, we needed to continue to challenge ourselves to grow, which means putting our vulnerability “out there.”  We did and here’s what happened.

Seriously, we would rather deal with an angry customer than pound the pavement making cold calls.

Cold calling –  not our specialty and certainly out of our comfort zone. However, there comes a time when you just have to remove the duct tape between you and your desk, bite the bullet, overcome your fear of possible rejection (no hives!) and physically start knocking on those business doors.

Our B2B, Client Retention, is getting close to the 5 year mark and it occurred to us that maybe we should venture out in the premise visit cold calling area.  Don’t get us wrong, we are not strangers to “sales,” thank goodness.  We have dabbled in it all, belong to many networking groups, organizations, have a great referral incentive in place and do our share of social marketing.  What we have been missing is the face-to-face connection with businesses at THEIR storefronts.  In other words, going out to meet the people unannounced, unscheduled, no appointment.  Well, you get it.

We figured it was about time (you think?).  Our desire was to accomplish two areas.  First,  to introduce ourselves and do a little “soft” self promoting and Second, we wanted to pass out a killer flyer for our upcoming Thanksgiving Business Card Special.   Outside of being dressed in heavy armor, we mapped out our individual trails and proceeded in foreign territory.

What we weren’t prepared for was the responses we received.  We were not target practice at all and the armor was quickly shed. What a delight! In fact 200+ premise visits later, NOT ONE person was rude. Believe me, we are far from being experts at outside sales, but we conquered our fear and realized that the monkey on our back was from our own fears of being rejected and of course all the horror stories we’ve heard since birth.

So if you are in the same boat as us, here is our recommendation:  Face your fears, pray a little, honor the “no soliciting” signs, don’t go on a Friday, don’t go when it’s 100+ degrees outside, fill the jalopy up with gas and GO GET ‘EM!   You will totally amaze yourself and may actually be rewarded at the outcome. We were!

May 1

Building Repeat and Referral Business beats cold-calling any day

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Mail Bonding helps companies cement relationships with their clients and build repeat and referral business.

SACRAMENTO, California (April 28, 2011)

To Sandie Marinoble and Jodi Riolo, partners of Client Retention Inc., the most logical way to build business relationships is through mail bonding.

Unlike male bonding, mail bonding does not involve a few beers and a football game. It does however, involve calculated correspondence.

Client Retention ( sees greeting card mailing programs as a cost-effective tool for companies and entrepreneurs to retain clients and boost employee morale.

Most surveys across industries show that keeping one existing customer is five to seven times more profitable than attracting one new one.

“What comes into play is how much is a client worth to a company? You can’t look at a client as a one-time sale, you have to look at the client over a lifetime” Sandie Marinoble said. “That is the reason Client Retention was formed. We like to help companies and professionals keep in touch with their clients on a regular basis in a very personalized manner. This helps to increase client loyalty and generates repeat and referral business.”

Learn More About Building Repeat and Referral Business